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About the Founder


Coming from a fashion background as a NIFT graduate and being a woman, I have always been passionate about making a difference for Indian women. After graduation and working various jobs, I conducted extensive research and discovered that many women struggle to find garments that enhance their appearance. This challenge often arises because these women do not conform to the idealized body shapes seen on models; they have curves and seek to conceal them.

Through FEAURA, my goal is to create awareness among Indian women that their curves are their beauty, setting them apart uniquely. I wanted to design and create garments that celebrate and fit the diverse body shapes of Indian women, enhancing their natural beauty. This vision led to the birth of FEAURA, where our mission transcends merely selling products. We aim to champion the idea that all Indian body shapes, in their perceived imperfections, are inherently beautiful. This belief is encapsulated in our tagline, “Celebrating the Imperfection” of perfectly imperfect women.

Starting my own business was a challenging decision, especially leaving a high-paying job and a balanced work-life schedule. However, my passion for contributing to Indian society outweighed these challenges. None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of my family. I sincerely hope that, with your support, we will succeed in spreading this awareness and celebrating the unique beauty of Indian women.

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